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Tandem Personnel
22 Thoroughfare
Tel: 01473 219969

Office open: 9.00am-5.00pm, Mon-Fri


We are in a pedestrian area. The closest car park is the Buttermarket Shopping Centre (postcode IP1 1SL).

Take the exit from the shopping centre nearest the stairs. See the start of 'Thoroughfare' diagonally opposite to your left. Enter 'Thoroughfare' and you will see us on the left hand side.

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We frequently receive calls from other agencies vying for our business; hovewer these are never taken up as we know that their standard of applicant would not be as suited to the position as the ones selected by Tandem.

We use Tandem bacause they have proved they understand the needs of our business, they are efficient and their response is fast.

I would certainly recommend Tandem as I have found you all to be friendly, efficient and professional.

Without doubt Tandem Personnel has always been the best agency for me.

Tandem may be a small agency but it certainly does not lack in professionalism or friendliness.

I often get calls from other agencies trying to tempt me away from Tandem Personnel but I know that I already recelve a high quality of service and can see no reason to change.

In all respects we find the service Tandem offers to be superior to the competitors we have used.

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