Why Tandem?

Over the years we've successfully filled thousands of temporary and permanent vacancies, but why should you choose us over all the other agencies out there? Here are some possible reasons:

Consistency - when you call Tandem you will always deal with the same experienced staff. Many agencies recruit consultants for their sales rather than service ability. This can result in high staff turnover and lack of continuity in client contacts. We've been here for years and we work as a team, not a collection of bonus driven individuals. We believe our standard of service is all the better for it.

Reputation - Check out what people say about us at the bottom of each page.

Independence - We are privately owned and don't have to defer to 'Head Office'. We have our own in-house payroll and accounting system enabling us to offer our clients a flexible and immediate approach. You speak directly to the people who manage the business and who make the decisions.

Consideration - Like you, we don't enjoy being pestered with sales calls. We don't have calls per week targets and, unless you request it, we won't be contacting you every week just to 'catch up'.

Honesty - From day one we made a decision that we wouldn't promise things we couldn't deliver. If we don't have the right candidate for you or can't get the quality of temp you require we will tell you rather than bombard you with unsuitable CVs or send someone inappropriate. It doesn't happen often but we're happier sticking to our standards and not wasting your time… we're sure you'd agree.

If you want to try an agency with a different approach contact us today to discuss your requirements: recruitment@tandem-personnel.com 01473 219969

Choosing and working with a recruitment agency

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Managing a temporary workforce

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Agency worker regulations

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You understand our requirements perfectly and have always provided workers of the calibre we require.

Your recruiting genius knows no bounds. R is fantastic. She has had a great impact in her first week and is fitting in really well. S is wonderful too.

We frequently receive calls from other agencies vying for our business; hovewer these are never taken up as we know that their standard of applicant would not be as suited to the position as the ones selected by Tandem.

We understand our requirements perfectly and have always provided workers of the calibre we require.

We use Tandem bacause they have proved they understand the needs of our business, they are efficient and their response is fast.

We value Tandem Personnel as a supplier of temporary staff because they consistently exceed the level of service provided by any other recruitment agency we use or have used in the past.

This year we have had an excellent crew of temporary labour who will take some beating in the next season.

In all respects we find the service Tandem offers to be superior to the competitors we have used.

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